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Our dentists are committed to helping you keep your smile healthy and strong. One of the ways we strive to do this is by providing preventive care treatments like sealants. Dental sealants are very thin coatings of resin material that are applied to the chewing surface of the teeth to protect them from decay. In most cases, sealants are placed on the permanent molars and pre-molars, which are especially prone to decay. These teeth have natural grooves and pits that can easily trap bacteria and are hard for you to clean with normal brushing. The sealant works to prevent tooth decay by sealing out these grooves and protecting them from the bacteria, plaque, acids, and sugars that lead to decay. The dental sealant also forms a smooth surface over these pits and grooves, making it easier for you to effectively clean the teeth.

The process for applying a dental sealant requires only one comfortable visit to Garner & Nichols Dental. Dr. Garner and Dr. Nichols carefully cleans the tooth, then paints on the resin sealant material. Once it has dried, your sealant is ready to protect your teeth! Sealants are most often recommended for children when their permanent molars and pre-molars erupt, although they may also be used for adult patients. We invite you to call or visit us today to learn more about sealants and how we can help you keep your smile in good health.

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